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The Bempton Phenomena

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Heres a link to a short film by chris turner and myself.

Forthcoming book The Night People

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15 March at 07:57 ·

...A little bit from The Night People


I just lay there listening to the slow dragging of what sounded like a finger nail somewhere beneath the fabric my ear was pressed against. My first thoughts were that it was demonic, don’t ask me why I thought this but I did. It was a chilling sound and it was happening in the afternoon, I wonder how many other people have experienced something as surreal in what should have been nothing more than an ordinary day. I now believe whatever was responsible for leaving the holes in my back was taunting me, I feel certain it was no coincidence that I was thinking about the bed spring turning in my back when I heard the finger nails beneath my ear.

After a while turned over in bed and lay looking up at the ceiling, it was a sunny day and the room was well lit with natural light. My thoughts moved between what I had just heard and the recollections of something telling me the bed springwas turning into my back like a cork screw. It added to the feelings of unease I had been carrying around in my head all week.

Then literally from out of nowhere a blast of ice cold air hit me in the face, before that moment the room had been still. The bedroom door was shut, so was the window. So where it came from I don’t know, but I didn’t like it. It felt dark and sinister, if it is possible for air to feel this way that is how it felt.

It was so unexpected and once again proves that these undetectable beings are around us more than we realise. I don’t know what the scariest part of all this is, knowing that they can take you whenever they want is terrifying, and the realisation that they know your thoughts is a violation without equal. Even more disturbing are my thoughts that these beings might actually live on the other side of death.


Science doesnt work in the Never- lands TP3

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Panther at Starr Carr


I spent most of yesterday at Flixton Star Carr talking with farmers and locals who have seen the big black cat. The last report I have was from Wednesday the 14th of March. I’m not going to sit on the fence and say it might be real because I know it is. I’m not making excuses for what I saw with my own eyes in December 2017 at Bempton with Bob Brown, we both saw it and it was a Labrador sized black cat. So was the cat seen at Star Carr a few weeks ago the same animal we saw at Bempton. And is it the same animal seen around Ravenscar?

What was killing livestock throughout 2017 on farms around East and North Yorkshire?

I’m not talking about one or two animals found dead, and the kills were like nothing I have ever seen. So many elements about the killings don’t add up though, systematically removing the throats of its victims, leaving them to bleed out. Then coming back the next night and doing the same to one more and not eating the meat? The Patten was repeated throughout 2017 and into 2018.

I have been promised images of the cat.


New werwolf accounts for Truth Proof 3

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A Snip from TP3 The Neverlands

The Foxwood wolf man

I could not write another truth proof without adding a few truly incredible accounts that have come my way about wolf -men type creatures. The fact they keep coming to my attention makes me believe there is more than a tiny grain of truth to them. As to what they are, your opinions are as valid is as mine. I don’t think they can all be overactive imagination and misidentification.

And what’s more amazing is that most of the accounts I have collected come from remote patches of woodland. Repeat areas where people unconnected to one another report seeing these creatures.

The village of Grindel sits on the outskirts of Bridlington, it is mostly farms and a few cottages. It has no shops or amenities and is quite isolated.

The following account was given to me by a man who used to live I the village over 20 years ago.

Back in the 1980s Bob was always out and about around the fields and woodlands surrounding Grindel. At the time he was actively setting snares and poaching, out hunting in places he shouldn’t have been. I have spoken to him many times about what he saw on the edge of Foxwood and it is clear from his description that it was no ordinary animal.

I have taped accounts of this story and the notes I made at the time, so what you are about to read is what I was told during face to face meetings in 2015.

Bob is blunt talking man who uses the local dialect when talking, so some of the words in this account may not read correctly. But I have added the right word in brackets for ease of reading.


“Right am gonna start by saying I don’t ever want my full name to be seen anywhere with what am gonna about to tell you. I know what I saw and I will take that to the grave, but we were on land we shouldn’t have been on. We was poaching.

It was late in the year, November I think, and about 1983. I remember there was snow on the grund [ground] and we was up around Foxy [Foxwood] checking mi snares. It was really odd, we hadn’t had anything for weeks and believe me I was good. Before this I used to go up there and could always get phesys [Pheasants] rabbits or hares, always. But there was nout, the woods had been cleared out or something had scared most of the game away.

Something was beating me to the snares, I could see where we had caught something. But something else had ragged what we caught out of the snare. It was really starting to piss me off.

Well a was up there early one morning , it was just getting light. Me and another lad and we was walking along the edge of a field towards Foxy, the wood was dead. Nothing made a sound no birds no game nothing. And our snares had either not been touched or whatever we caught had been taken. It was really strange, a no its sounds daft but it actually felt creepy.

We stopped at the edge of a field and had look round, I remember turning to talk to my mate and seeing movement at the other side of the field. Something caught my eye and I turned instantly.

Well let me tell you I have never seen anything like what I saw in my life. I didn’t know what I was looking at first. I thought it was a young Hoss [Horse] I thought what’s a Hoss doing over there

This thing jumped over the hedge and landed in the field, it was massive. And it cleared the hedge without any problem, but it was the way it landed that got me. It landed on all four feet just like a cat. And it never moved when it landed, and that hedge was high, if dog or a Hoss had jumped over something that high it would have had to run forwards when it landed. This thing just landed and stopped dead. More to follow