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Britains new Roswell

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That’s what the express news paper called the Wilsthorpe incident after I gave my talk at the Outer limits conference. I personally don’t think Wilsthorpe needs anything other than itself to support what was an amazing UFO event.

The Outer limits conference September 9th

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Saturday September 9th is the date for this year’s premier UFO conference in the UK. Organised by Outer Limits magazine the conference is being held at the Freedom Centre in Hull. 2017 is the 70th anniversary of UFOs. It was June 24th 1947, when private pilot Kenneth Arnold was flying over the Cascade Mountains in Washington State, USA. He observed a formation of objects that he could not identify and the term ‘flying saucers’ entered into popular culture.


The conference will see the cream of British UFO researchers assemble in Hull. The speakers are: Mike Covell, Malcolm Robinson, Paul Sinclair, Russel Callaghan, Philip Mantle and UFO close encounter witness Sacha Christie.


One of the headline speakers is Paul Sinclair. Mr Sinclair is UK Author and researcher Paul Sinclair, who lives in the seaside town of Bridlington, on the North East coast of Yorkshire, with his wife and family. He has been investigating strange phenomena in the area since 2002. The coastal area around Bridlington has a deep history of folklore, strange sightings and mysterious disappearances and Paul is in the middle of it all. Published in 2016, Paul's first book entitled Truth-Proof, is a collection of first-hand accounts and recollections of local UFO activity, missing people, alien big cats, missing aircraft and other anomalous phenomena. Paul is the most thorough investigator, who is not content with hearsay or rumours. He studies and researches his subjects to the minutest detail, looking for documented evidence that backs up everything in Truth-Proof. If the evidence is not available - he looks further and deeper until it is found. For Truth-Proof, Paul has interviewed witnesses to events far stranger than anything reported worldwide. Some are recent, some historical, but they are always fascinating. Paul is well known locally for his work and has made many friends who rely on his credibility and confidentiality. Truth-Proof is his first published work, which show-cases his efforts to collate the strange truths that surround him every day, from the 'intelligent' lightforms that are seen by many, both on land and out to sea, to the mysterious disappearances of ordinary men around the cliff-tops of nearby Flamborough and Bempton. His fascination with the mysterious activities surrounding nearby Air Force bases is included in Truth-Proof, together with reports of tragedies out to sea which leave the reader wanting to know more...

Truth-Proof also contains reports of strange creatures seen locally, including small humanoid beings stalking farmland, giant cats on the Yorkshire Wolds and even werewolves ! Paul Sinclair not only presents this amazing collection of accounts in a logical, yet down-to-earth way, he provides his own theories in an attempt to understand them. Truth-Proof - containing evidence of The Truth that Leaves No Proof on the North East Yorkshire coast.


For further details of this year’s premier UFO conference please contact the organiser Chris Evers at:

Phone: 0796 239 7209

Email: [email protected]


What the readers think

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Truth Proof receives another great review 

out of 5 starsA cracking read

ByMajorson 16 August 2017
What a cracking read this book turned out to be. Paul really digs deep in his investigations and leaves it up to you to decide what is true, mind blowing,fabricated or embellished in the accounts recalled to him. Good work in researching all the incidents in the book unlike today's News media with it's lazy journalism or skeptical skeptics. The amount of aircraft crashes in the Bempton area is truly frightening and no official investigations have been carried out to determine the causes to these crashes. Far too many crashes to be just human error or weather related. Something is going on in that area whether its Big Cats, UFO's or missing persons and thankfully Paul as delved into it with relish. I cannot wait for his second book. Please buy Truth Proof as you will not be disappointed.

The Outer Limits Conference - Sept 2017

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Chris Evers of Outer Limits magazine is working hard for this forthcoming conference in Hull, UK.
I'm looking forward to speaking at this event :)
Get your tickets while you can !

Photo opportunity :)

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Chris Evers of Outer Limits magazine with me on Bridlington sea front - Tuesday 4th of July.
The BBC listening project contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if I would like to talk about UFOs and the paranormal with a friend of my choice. It is going into the national archive so I hope we represented the subject in a good light.


"Terrifyingly True" Truth-Proof reviews - July 2017

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5 out of 5 stars - 22 July 2017
"Bowled Over"
What a fantastic and surprising book. Gripping throughout, possibly the best and most credible entry to the UFO genre for several decades adding much new insight to this mysterious genre with credible attributable research. A must read for anyone interested in the UFO phenomenon bringing much needed new insight.

5 out of 5 stars - 7 July 2017
"A Gripping Read"
I rarely do reviews on Amazon, but I had to make an exception for this book. I had bought it some time ago and never quite got round to reading it. Yesterday I did and I went through it cover to cover. I simply could not put it down. The author has done a great job in avoiding sensationalisation and speculation, instead, the he delivers a proper investigation presenting information rather than opinion and conclusions to the reader.

5 out of 5 stars - 10 July 2017
"Refreshingly candid, detailed and well researched. Terrifyingly true."
I have been eager to read Paul Sinclair's book as I have wondered about a possible connection between strange disappearances and unexplained phenomenon occurring in the same areas around the globe. I have also noticed the frustrating lack of media coverage on missing individuals after the initial searches had been called off. Likewise, I have been baffled by the apparent acceptance of vague coroner reports from the general public that a body found (or not) “may or may not” have committed suicide or “got into difficulty” before that person then is removed from the missing person list, and the online news reports vanish.

All too often researchers simply don’t dig deep enough, they don’t look at the bigger picture, and they focus one only one phenomenon and miss vital links that are not at all obvious at first glance.

Never having quite been contented with the investigation done into clusters of missing people by other well-known authors, I have been frustrated that nobody links cases to local folklore, ufos, and other strange sightings. It is as if doing so somehow discredits the seriousness of the investigator. Linking real life missing people to the possible paranormal phenomenon is a taboo subject and one that most would steer clear of for fear of being insensitive, but Paul Sinclair's book has finally managed to achieve this in an incredibly diplomatic way.
Years of research has gone into this book, and Paul has a way of writing that feels genuine and honest. Yorkshire folk call a “spade a spade,” at last someone that feels no need to embellish or skirt around the facts and this is precisely what this book realises.

I do not know Paul personally, but his writing style felt as credible as if my brother or father or husband was stood there telling me these facts. I did not need to question the integrity of what I was reading as he backed it up with newspaper clippings, drawings, and frank eyewitness accounts. The author presents the evidence in a refreshingly candid format, leaving the reader to reach their conclusions and yet left in no doubt that what is going on in this region of East Yorkshire is not coincidental and terrifyingly, nor is it likely to be limited to this area. I look forward to reading much more of Pauls work and predict that he will be in demand now for many future TV, Radio and public speaking events.
Well Done Paul Sinclair!

Midnight In The Desert - Interview July 2017

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I really enjoyed doing this live interview with Heather Wade for the late night talk radio show 'Midnight In The Desert'.


What were the helicopters searching for?

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The Wilsthorpe story continues to grow, I now have now UFO reports from the area and news reports of unmarked helicopters flying around in the early hours with search lights. What was so interesting about East and North Yorkshire in 2009

New Information on the Wilsthorpe incident

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I have been informed that 999 calls were made to coast guard in mid September 2009. After reports of globes of gold light were seen travelling in different directions. They were travelling towards a dark triangle shape that was out over the sea off Wilsthorpe.

Danes Dyke woods

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Over the last three weeks i have split my time between Bempton and Danes Dyke. Thats 19 out of 21 days feet on the ground research. I have to say it has been uneventful in all areas.The exception being Danes Dyke where the Branch anomalies seem to be coming back. Who or what is placing these branches and what do they mean?