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Satanic RAF Bemptons subterranean world

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Perhaps when looking at RAF Bempton and the stories attached to it, we should also consider the surrounding villages. Stories of witchcraft and the occult have been documented throughout the whole area for hundreds of years. The inhabitants of the villages were and still are very distrusting of outsiders. In the not so distant past Flamborough and Bempton were once considered dangerous places to visit for outsiders. Sorting people out 'the Bempton way' is still talked about today. I have one credible report from a farmer who lives in the coastal village of Hunmanby. He talks of people being actively involved in witchcraft around Irton Moor on the outskirts of Scarborough, a location associated with military installations and only fifteen miles away from Bempton and Flamborough.


When looking for evidence to back up stories connecting RAF Bempton to the occult, I looked at the area as a whole to see if there was a history of dark practices. I then began to look into the whether these locations were actually accessible - would people of different age groups be capable of accessing the underground base during the night ? I have visited the area many times over the years, so I know the roads and paths that lead onto the cliff-tops very well. With that in mind I decided that the only way to find out was to do the journey myself at night. I first assumed that the people involved would be of various ages, so ease of access would have been a deciding factor. If a person were to leave their car at Flamborough's North Landing, then walk along the cliffs to the base, it would be a four mile walk. Assuming these alleged activities took place in the night, walking on uneven ground during darkness would not be recommended and seems highly unlikely that anyone would do that. Another reason it would have been unlikely was that Flamborough's lifeboat station at that time was still situated at North Landing. Although it was not staffed at night, if there was an emergency lifeboat call-out and there were cars in the cliff-top car park, I am sure concerns would have been raised and the police would have been informed.


Another route to the RAF base can be found by parking close to the pond at Buckton village and walking up Hoddy Cows Lane to the cliff-top. Bearing right to walk along the coastal path, the base is about two miles away. The walk would be quite difficult during the night, but it would have been possible. I tried this route in darkness myself and have to say I never want to repeat the experience. So unless the people taking part lived close by, I would rule this out. If any of these routes were used it is safe to say that no elderly people could have made the journey. This leaves just two possible locations to gain entry to the base, but even these would be difficult during the night.


The RSPB nature reserve is less than five hundred metres away from the base. It is as remote a location as all of the others, this was even more so during the 1970s and 80s. Nothing much has changed on the land in all those years. Concrete posts are evidence that an eight foot fence once surrounded the perimeter and in front of that is a low, three-strand barbed wire fence, which is still used as a deterrent. The fence has been repaired and patched many times during its life. In 2015 I spoke with the farmer and land owner, who told me he was tired of repairing the fence, because of the number of people climbing over it to gain access to the base. If there is any truth in the stories of a satanic cult connected to RAF Bempton, I think this would be the only way to reach it undetected. The route is not ideal, but it is possible to walk there in less than ten minutes. The only other way would be to take the small single track road which runs directly to the base entrance. This would have been the main entrance during its operational years. I think anyone wishing to visit the base for such secretive reasons would be unlikely to take this path, as it means passing the only occupied property on the road - and that belongs to the farmer who owns the land where the base is situated.

It is worth pointing out that from the farmhouse it is not possible to see the base, because there is an ancient earthwork known as Standard Hill situated between the two, so any unusual activity would have gone unnoticed.


It is self-evident that the base's underground bunker was used for occult practices sometime in during 1970s and 80s, so unless some of the people involved lived very close, the land around the nature reserve had to be used to gain access. Below ground the bunker walls are painted with images of pentagrams, devils and animals engaged in explicit sexual acts, which give a feeling of foreboding. This does not prove that the bunker was ever used for ritual magic. It may only show that a person or persons with unnatural thoughts did spend time inside the bunker. It does however, place the location on the edge of a mystery. What kind of people would take the time to create such artwork ? I have spoken to local men and women living in Flamborough and Bempton, who would have been teenagers during the 1990s. Some of them told me there was truth in what I was looking into. Yet the artwork is too explicit and too well executed to be the work of adolescent teenagers running around in the darkness with torches. As an artist myself, I am sure that it could not have been achieved without large areas of the bunker being lit up.


One man, now aged fifty, told me that his father was actually employed by the MOD to remove scrap items from the bunker during the late 1970s. He said that he spent many hours working with his father inside the bunker and is certain that people had been actively using it at night when they were not present. He told me that in the 1980s, military police once forcibly removed a satanic cult from below ground in bunker. I was told that I wouldn't find any local newspaper report on the story because the MOD did not want it to be known. He was right, because when I searched the local newspaper archives I found no account of the incident - if it was true at all.


I spoke at length with another Flamborough man named Paul. He has lived in Flamborough all his life and is now in his forties. He told me about a time he went to the bunker as a teenager to explore it with friends. He said they went below ground with torches to look at the artwork on the walls and to just experience the thrill of being there. It was something that many of Flamborough's youth did. I first visited the bunker myself in 1998 and have to say that I have never felt an atmosphere quite like it.


Paul told me that on one particular day they found something more shocking than they ever expected. He said they were quite deep into the bunker when they came across a large wooden crucifix leaning against a wall. Hanging from the centre of the cross was a spaniel dog, with a steel spike nailed through its head. He told me that the cross was not just a couple of old planks nailed together, it was well made and looked heavy, as though it had been taken there for a reason. He said the dog had clearly been there for some time as it had started to decompose. Stories like this suggest something unnatural was taking place at the location - and locations are the key. I then began to think the unthinkable. I have long believed that the strange lightforms seen by many, are able to interact with human emotions. The visual connection and interaction experienced by witnesses on the Wolds certainly suggests this. What if there is energy within an area or place, which combines with the emotional state of the witness, which then allows these things to manifest ?

Could location and human emotion be the key ? If this theory is correct, could concentrated human emotion unlock some of these local mysteries, perhaps even creating 'flashpoints' where it may be possible to study the phenomena ?


Whitley Strieber, Paul Sinclair interview number 3

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Recent interview with Whitley Strieber about Truth Proof 2 and the Wilsthorpe incident


North Yorkshire TV

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Here is a short interview I did with the guys from North Yorkshire TV recently.

Book 3 - The Night People: Real Super Naturals

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A tiny bit from my forthcoming book - The Night People: Real Super Naturals

The Eyes In The Curtains...

Some of you reading this will relate to what I am about to write next others will have no idea, but that is just the difference in our ages and nothing to do with the experience. My mom was a very house proud lady who had everything in place just how she liked it around the home. We had a front room that was kept for best, full of all her treasured ornaments. Crystal glass bells and blown glass birds all displayed in a wood and glass cabinet. We also had a simulated leather three seater settee and two chairs. These items along with a long wooden radiogram that that played LPs 45s and 78s were the prized possessions’ in our home. That was what I meant when I said you would either relate to it or have no idea. I remember the radiogram could also pick up police messages and have memories of me and my dad sat in the darkness listening. It felt special, like we were code breakers or spies. But now I am rambling on and have to get back to the curtains and why they were so important. On Thursdays we used to go to Denaby market, mum always looked for bargains. That’s where she discovered fibreglass curtains. They came in all colours and we bright shiny and most of all cheap. And they made you itch if you touched them.

Over a period of a few weeks every window in our house had shiny new fibreglass curtains, including my bedroom, I doubt they would be allowed now. Mine were pale blue if my memory serves me correctly and I don’t think it was long after I had seen the ball of light over Mexborough that the curtains were put up in my room. I’m sure that was when I started seeing the eyes. The fields at the back of the house always had cattle in them and I used to stand at the bottom of the garden looking at the cows, I would pull up clumps of grass and offer it to them. In my mind I can see it now, me stretching out my hand and the cows straining to take my offerings of grass. There big black eyes staring back at me.

For a long time that was what I thought they were, Cows eyes in the curtains. I saw them you see in the darkness of my bedroom. They were not wild imaginings of a small boy these were real eyes but the only thing I had to compare them with were the Cows eyes.

The Unexplained, with Howard Hughes

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Here is a link to a recent interview I did on Howard Hughes radio show, The Unexplained.
Looking forward to speaking with him again in December  :)


Truth Proof 2: Beyond The Thinking Mind

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My new book Truth Proof 2: Beyond The Thinking Mind is now available for pre-order,
in time for Xmas 2017 delivery.

Anyone interested in a signed copy can email me at [email protected]

Britain's new Roswell

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That’s what the Express newspaper called the Wilsthorpe Incident
after I gave my talk at the Outer Limits conference in September 2017.

I don’t think what happened at Wilsthorpe needs anything other than itself to support what was an amazing UFO event.

The Outer Limits conference - September 9th 2017

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Saturday September 9th is the date for this year’s premier UFO conference in the UK.
Organised by Outer Limits magazine the conference is being held at the Freedom Centre in Hull.

2017 is the 70th anniversary of UFOs.
It was June 24th 1947, when private pilot Kenneth Arnold was flying over the Cascade Mountains in Washington State, USA. He observed a formation of objects that he could not identify and the term ‘flying saucers’ entered into popular culture.

The conference will see the cream of British UFO researchers assemble in Hull.
The speakers are: Mike Covell, Malcolm Robinson, Paul Sinclair, Russel Callaghan,
Philip Mantle and UFO close encounter witness Sacha Christie.

One of the headline speakers is Paul Sinclair. Mr Sinclair is UK Author and researcher Paul Sinclair, who lives in the seaside town of Bridlington, on the North East coast of Yorkshire, with his wife and family. He has been investigating strange phenomena in the area since 2002. The coastal area around Bridlington has a deep history of folklore, strange sightings and mysterious disappearances and Paul is in the middle of it all. Published in 2016, Paul's first book entitled Truth-Proof, is a collection of first-hand accounts and recollections of local UFO activity, missing people, alien big cats, missing aircraft and other anomalous phenomena. Paul is the most thorough investigator, who is not content with hearsay or rumours. He studies and researches his subjects to the minutest detail, looking for documented evidence that backs up everything in Truth-Proof. If the evidence is not available - he looks further and deeper until it is found.

For Truth-Proof, Paul has interviewed witnesses to events far stranger than anything reported worldwide. Some are recent, some historical, but they are always fascinating. Paul is well known locally for his work and has made many friends who rely on his credibility and confidentiality. Truth-Proof is his first published work, which show-cases his efforts to collate the strange truths that surround him every day, from the 'intelligent' lightforms that are seen by many, both on land and out to sea, to the mysterious disappearances of ordinary men around the cliff-tops of nearby Flamborough and Bempton. His fascination with the mysterious activities surrounding nearby Air Force bases is included in Truth-Proof, together with reports of tragedies out to sea which leave the reader wanting to know more...

Truth-Proof also contains reports of strange creatures seen locally, including small humanoid beings stalking farmland, giant cats on the Yorkshire Wolds and even werewolves ! Paul Sinclair not only presents this amazing collection of accounts in a logical, yet down-to-earth way, he provides his own theories in an attempt to understand them. Truth-Proof - containing evidence of The Truth that Leaves No Proof on the North East Yorkshire coast.

For further details of this year’s premier UFO conference please contact the organiser Chris Evers:
Phone: 0796 239 7209
Email: [email protected]

What the readers think

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Truth Proof receives another great review 

out of 5 starsA cracking read

ByMajorson 16 August 2017
What a cracking read this book turned out to be. Paul really digs deep in his investigations and leaves it up to you to decide what is true, mind blowing,fabricated or embellished in the accounts recalled to him. Good work in researching all the incidents in the book unlike today's News media with it's lazy journalism or skeptical skeptics. The amount of aircraft crashes in the Bempton area is truly frightening and no official investigations have been carried out to determine the causes to these crashes. Far too many crashes to be just human error or weather related. Something is going on in that area whether its Big Cats, UFO's or missing persons and thankfully Paul as delved into it with relish. I cannot wait for his second book. Please buy Truth Proof as you will not be disappointed.

The Outer Limits Conference - Sept 2017

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Chris Evers of Outer Limits magazine is working hard for this forthcoming conference in Hull, UK.
I'm looking forward to speaking at this event :)
Get your tickets while you can !