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Published December 2017...

Truth-Proof 2: Beyond the Thinking Mind

The explosive sequel to Truth-Proof #1

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The Truth That Leaves No Proof

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This is an incredible book!
What a delight to read something that has been so well researched and referenced. I was gripped from the first page to the last and I cannot recommend this book enough.
The author takes us through the various anomalous accounts and experiences of witnesses within East and North Yorkshire. You'll be amazed at the breadth of high strangeness and other worldliness of this area. Get your hands on this book!

- Ms Hawthorn

Fascinating book investigating paranormal activity in North Yorkshire. Unbelievable events well researched and documented. Is Bempton the UK's UFO hot spot? There are more tales to tell from this area and I am really looking forward to the sequel to Truth-Proof. Great read.

- Amazon reviewer

Wow! This book is a little it all in 4 days. Simply could not put it down.
Paul Sinclair has painstakingly researched the hell out of North East Yorkshire. Strange sightings, encounters and incidents, from the supernatural, paranormal and ufological subjects. I was surprised to discover so much information pertaining to UFO incidents that I was unaware of. Paul has...numerous images, and newspaper cuttings as well as providing illustrations.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Incredible work, I truly take my hat off to him. This book is an excellent source of research material and will appeal to anyone who dares pick it up...Well Done!
- Phenomena Magazine

Paul Sinclair's introductory work into the subject of unexplained phenomena, has already became the No.1 pride of place edition on my bookshelf... Paul"s mindset and no nonsense approach to get to the bottom of the "Fact", makes this book essential reading for anybody interested or involved in the subject of the ongoing mysteries of our world...
An engrossing and fascinating account of the unseen things that are happening NOW, throughout everyday life....This up-and-coming researcher has already made an impact on a subject that's been with us from the beginning of time, and which still the present day. A Must Read...

- Robert Shankland

Brilliant book, very informative. Excellent research.
The reader is still left asking questions which means the author has done an excellent job. An interesting insight to all things wierd and unexplained in and around Bridlington. Even though I am not from around the area this book covers, it was still very interesting - in fact couldn't put it down.
The author's honesty & openess about how he did the research for this book gives the readers a much better understanding of circumstances surrounding these strange unexplained mysteries.

- Amazon reviewer

Very well researched and written book.
I bought this after listening to an interview with Paul Sinclair...In the interview Mr Sinclair is very generous with sharing some of the content of his encounters and well worth a listen before or after buying the book.
The author doesn’t get in the way of the reader’s process; his voice remains neutral throughout and asks the right questions, allowing the reader to handle the information in their own way. It is a delight to read...

- Karen via Amazon